Friday, November 25, 2011

A date has been decided for the CVN-300 give away
Fiddlerman will be raffling a Cecilio CVN-300 Violin on Saturday the 17th of December at 11AM on Fiddlerman TV.  The next violin in order to be raffled will be announced and shown also at this time.
See how you can be eligible to win.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Double Stops on the Violin

One great exercise to get started on Double stops is by Sevcik called Preparatory Exercises in Double Stopping Op.9 for the Violin. These exercises can be found on under SHEET MUSIC and choose FREE VIOLIN STUDIES, ETUDES AND SOLOS
In this tutorial I go through no.3 which is exceptional for pinpointing intonation in advance, correcting when combining the interval and for finding the correct bow arm angle. This and many other tutorials found on

Work on the intervals slowly while concentrating on intonation. Memorize the position of your right arm when on the double-stops and make as little movement as possible when moving over to the intervals. Apply even pressure on both strings when playing both notes together.
Learn to play Double Stops on the Violin

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Learn to Play Jingle Bells on the Violin

Follow Fiddlerman's easy instructions and learn to play Jingle Bells on the violin just in time for Christmas to impress your friends and family. This sheet music and much more available on

2 Octave G Chromatic Scale for Violin

Learn a simple 2 octave G chromatic scale. Sheet music available on

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Win the Cecilio CVN300 Christmas Give away on

You can be the lucky winner of the Cecilio CVN-300 in December, 2011 (date to be announced soon).

To be eligible to win you need to involve yourself in the “Fiddlerman’s Christmas Project
  • Download and learn any of the four parts found on the above links page. Using the upcoming click-track, (will be uploaded to above page soon) record yourself playing one of the parts and send the video to Fiddlerman (instructions coming soon).
  • All of Fiddlerman’s Fiddle Talk forum members with over 100 legitimate posts are automatically eligible and are not obligated to upload a  video to be entered.
  • Forum members involved in the Christmas Project will receive an additional entry increasing their chance to win.