Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cecilio CVA-600 Viola Review

First impression when opening the box and the case was that this is a beautiful instrument. Even nicer than expected and hard to believe that you could get such a nice instrument for the money. First I checked the Viola to make sure that there were no cracks or major damages incurred by shipping. I also checked the sound-post to make sure that it had not fallen down and was straight enough to put pressure on the bridge. When tuning the instrument I constantly checked that the bridge was in the right place, centered so that the strings were  and fairly straight, I rosined one of the bows that are included in the case. To get enough rosin on the bow I had to scratch the new surface of the rosin and work it in for about 10-15 intensive minutes. When I finally got some friction on the bow it was time to play.
Suddenly a big smile on my face and difficult to put the instrument down again.
There are of course flaws as well. For $400 you can't get everything.
  • The bows are not very good and I managed to break at least 10 hairs in the first hour of playing.
  • The sound-post was cut badly (too short) and was pulled out closer to the f-holes to stay in place.
  • The bridge was sanded on one side instead of evenly planed on both.
  • The strings are steel-core and would much nicer if switched to high quality synthetic core.
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